Buying a camcorder or a video camera-recorder will enable you to keep your memories with family and friends alive forever in the form of pictures and sound. This fabulous piece of equipment captures everything from children’s school activities to family reunions and births. It helps to entertain the family and can be informative as well.

Consider these ten ways to get more from your camcorder/video camera-recorder:

    1. Adjust the camera to work with the amount and type of light available where you’re filming.
    2. Choose the best exposure per the location as automatic exposure may not be best for every situation.
    3. Use a tripod or monopod to keep your camera steady.
    4. Use optical and not digital zoom as optical zoom physically changes how far the lens is from the sensor.
    5. Switch off the LCD screen once the picture is previewed as it uses a lot of battery power.
    6. Delete unwanted pictures to make it easier to sort and organize your pictures later.
    7. Upgrade the memory card to something larger and keep the small one that came with the camera as an emergency backup.
    8. Transfer the pictures from the memory card to your computer once they are shot.
    9. Print pictures at home, if possible, on a photo printer, or send them to a printing service.
    10. Re-size the images in photo editing software before you mail them. Digital cameras create very large image files, and it takes a long time to download.

To locate the camcorder user’s manual for the model you own, visit the ManualsOnline Library.