5 Playlists for Long Commutes

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Five Awesome Gadgets of 2013


was an exceptional year for technological innovation of both hardware and software. Tablets have been taking the nation by storm and most web-based companies can agree that mobile content has been, and will continue to be the trend in 2014. Here is a quick list with some of the gadgets you may have missed or want to get as a gift!

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Shoveling Tips for Winter Storms

Is it that time of the year again already? Grab your knitted hat, comfiest mittens, and fur coat because winter is coming. Shoveling is one of the most dreaded tasks of winter. Lower backs cry out in pain after hours spent moving snow from one point to another, only to have more fall in its place. Well, good news! This year will be different because this year, you will be prepared with the following tips:

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Blenders vs Juicers

There are a lot of health fanatics out there who ally themselves with either blenders or juicers. In fact, some dietitians argue that people looking to lose weight or increase health should try replacing one meal a day with a smoothie or juice. So what are the main differences between juicing and blending, and which should you try?
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Ways to Boost Office Morale

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Five Unique Smartphone Apps

Chances are, with the massive amount of applications for smartphones, you are not using your mobile phone to the utmost of its abilities. A game here, a song there, and you call it a day. At the ManualsOnline.com office, we did some research for you, to try to uncover some of the most popular and useful iPhone, Android, and Galaxy applications.

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Practical Uses of a Watch

Watches can show class, age, wealth, and even time! Recently, watches have evolved to be able to track athletic performance or even help answer your phone calls. With watch innovation exponentially on the rise, it is important to hold up a second and remember the best ways to use a watch’s most basic functions.
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Make the Most of your Cardio Equipment

Whether you have a ProForm, NordicTrack, or Precor, getting the right equipment to exercise with is only half the battle. The other half consists of actually using it… and, just as important, knowing how to use it. Whether it is a treadmill, bike, or elliptical, there are many tips and strategies which will lead to burning significantly more amounts of calories and building a lot more muscle.
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Great Holiday Flavors for your Coffee Maker

Wild Mountain Blueberry

In the mood for a delicious coffee this fall or winter season? Grab the antioxidant-rich Wild Mountain Blueberry from Green Mountain Coffee for any type coffee maker. Use Wild Mountain Blueberry coffee to compliment a healthy breakfast of mixed fruit, scrambled eggs, and crispy toast. Link here to order K-cups for your Keurig.

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Ten Essentials for your DVD Player

    10. Spirited Away

    A movie for all ages by the Japanese artist and director Hayao Miyazaki. This epic fantasy follows a young girl trying to rescue her parents in a mysterious world haunted by spirits. It is both a work of art, and a classic movie. Order it from Amazon

    9. The Usual Suspects

    An ingenious R-rated suspense movie, the Usual Suspects is a movie where you pick up a new plot point after every viewing. Violent and glorious, Kevin Spacey puts on one of his best performances. Order it from Amazon

  1. 8. 500 Days of Summer

    The best way to describe 500 Days of Summer is a “chick-flick for guys.” It is quirky, fun, and at times all too accurate in portraying how a guys desperately try to hold on to that one special girl. Order it from Amazon

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